Rosa - Italian souvenir

rose house number plaque


On your travel to Italy, try to purchase the iconic “Rosa” 3x6” house number tiles. It’s the best souvenir and a constant reminder of an amazing trip.
I often receive calls to fix broken plaques because they were not packed correctly for the trip home. Heres how they should be packed;
1- If you have more than one plaque or tile, tightly tape them together face to face and back to back with either cardboard (1/4" smaller than the tiles) inbetween or use a stack of 3 or 4 tissues folded creating a cussiony pad. Make sure it is evenly cussioning the whole tile evenly.
2- Sandwich the stack of plaques between 2 more pieces of cardboards measuring 1” bigger (all around) than the actual tiles. Tape around all tightly.
3- Roll in at least 3” of bubble plastic.
3- Pack it in a strong cardboard box and tape shut.
4-Take it with you in a carry-on luggage or mail to yourself back home
Remember that these little tiles are usually made out of ceramic which is not strong and tends to crack too quickly especially in cold weather climates.


Here are some of my own Rosa plaque on porcelain tiles size 4x8" and 8x16"

rose house number plaque in porclain hand painted

rose blue italian house number plaque in porclain

rose plain house number plaque in porclain

cobalt blue house number plaque with red flowers

8x16" - Rosa, blue    $155.00

Available in 2 border colors

house number plaque with a beach scene two beach chairs a red pail and a boat

8x16" - Bacci    $180.00

Click on image

house number plaque Milan style with wine border

8x16" - Milan, wine    $155.00

Available in 6 border colors

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