Ceramic Surf Wave Mural

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Surf wave mural step 1

After lining the 6x6 rows of tiles (size 6"x6" white porcelain tiles), I planed where the sky will go.


Surf wave mural step 2- Painting the sky

I taped along the skyline and started to paint the sky.


Surf wave mural step 3- Removing the tape

I removed the tape and decided where the wave would look best


Surf wave mural step 4- Outlining the wave

I decided the wave should be very large consuming most of the painting. I painted my outlines.


Surf wave mural step 5- Painting the wave

I blended the aqua, blue and white colors painting the inside of the wave first.


Surf wave mural step 6- Paint the water

I then used the blues and aqua colors to paint the bottom of the wave and continued on up.


Surf wave mural step 7- Comple wave

My next step, I painted from the botton up following the motion of the wave in a bachwards "C"


Surf wave mural step 8- Removeing border tape

I then ended with a waterfall drop. I removed the tape which I added earlier to keep a clean white frame.


Surf wave mural step 9- Ready for firing

Time to fire in the kiln for a few hours


Surf wave mural step 10- final mural

Next day, ready for installation


Surf wave mural installed on bathroom wall

Mural installed on bathroom wall



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