What size should your house number plaque be?

Our most standard house number plaque size is the 8x16". Plenty of room for a nice size design and 4" high numbers. Other standard sizes are 13x19", 8x8", 6x12", 4x8" and 3x6". If none of these sizes fit your area we'll be happy to cut and bevel any size you like. All tiles are frost proof porcelain and are also swimming pool grade. Here is how to figure out the perfect size for your home;

cardboard cut outs

Cutouts- Start out by cutting a cardboard in our standard size 8x16". This is our most popular size and can carry 1 to 6 four inch high numbers. This is a great size for most homes.


entryway with a 13x19 size plaque

Tape the cardboard cutouts to a focal and visible spot. step back and consider the size.


entryway with a 8x16size plaque

Experiment with other sizes, step back to determine the size


entryway with a 8x8 size plaque

Keep in mind the amount of numbers you have in your address. A small plaque such as the 8x8" can carry only 1 to 2 numbers. Also consider the location, you might want to move the plaque to other locations that might be more visible.


entryway with a final 8x16 size plaque

Now put it all together, size, design, colors, and location. Finally You might want to print out a colored copy of the actual plaque. do you want the full address? Pick a plaque that holds 2 lines such as the 13x19". Pick a couple of colors from your plaque and add to your home trim, flowers, mailbox, etc.


Look at our how to choose a design page

Look at our how to install page

Email us for any custom designs

Read how to install your lawn stake


cobalt blue house number plaque with red flowers

8x16" - Rosa, blue    $155.00

Available in 2 border colors

house number plaque with a beach scene two beach chairs a red pail and a boat

8x16" - Bacci    $180.00

Click on image

house number plaque Milan style with wine border

8x16" - Milan, wine    $155.00

Available in 6 border colors

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