How To Install our Lawn Stakes


lawn stake

Besides your plaque and stake, you will need a drill with a 1/4" drill bit, a large cup of pebbles or sand, a screwdriver, 2- stainless steel screws (1 1/2" long), 2- washers, and 2- bolts.

installing a lawn stake

Center your plaque as best as you can onto the top part of the stake

ground stake

Insert your pencil tip to mark the position of the holes

install a ground stake

Drill the marks all the way through

pebbles for the stake

Insert stainless steel 1 1/2" screw into plaque then into stake hole. If screws do not go in easily, use the screwdriver or go back and make the hole a bit larger to fit snug

house number sign installtion stake

Add the washers and bolts. This is what the back should look like.

dig a hole for the stake

Dig a hole at least 8" deep and twice as wide as the width of the stake (about 4" wide). save the dirt and grass.

lawn stake installation

Insert stake in hole and level while adding the pebbles or sand. Pack it down tight so there is no movement.

yard stake

Pack down the saved dirt and top with grass. Enjoy.




cobalt blue house number plaque with red flowers

8x16" - Rosa, blue    $155.00

Available in 2 border colors

house number plaque with a beach scene two beach chairs a red pail and a boat

8x16" - Bacci    $180.00

Click on image

house number plaque Milan style with wine border

8x16" - Milan, wine    $155.00

Available in 6 border colors

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