Choosing a door address sign

12 ways to dress up a door with our house number plaques

Look at images of different ways to dress up this beautiful door making it even more stricking more


cardboard cut outs to choose a house number plaque

How to choose a plaque size

Read easy steps on how to use the cardboard test to determine the correct size of house number plaque for the area where it's to be more


blue house number on a grey shingle background

How to choose a design

Read how to choose a house number design and colors to match your decore. Consider your wall type, stucco, brick, shingles more


house number to install

How to install your plaque

Read easy step by step with images on how to install your house number more


lawn stake

How to install a lawn stake

Read easy steps with clear images on how to install our lawn takes more


Rose house number plaque

How to pack your souvenir tile

Do purchase these amazing iconic Italian souvenirs on your next trip to Italy. Because I received too many calls about the broken ones that never make it home, I decided to write a small blog on how to pack them safely for the trip home more


surf mural

Surf wave Mural

Hand painted mural. Start to install. Click to see the more


cobalt blue house number plaque with red flowers

8x16" - Rosa, blue    $155.00

Available in 2 border colors

house number plaque with a beach scene two beach chairs a red pail and a boat

8x16" - Bacci    $180.00

Click on image

house number plaque Milan style with wine border

8x16" - Milan, wine    $155.00

Available in 6 border colors



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5% of all profits will be donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital. Thank you for your purchase.

We recycle boxes to ship your house numbers. Please help save a tree.

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